Class 12 Session 2 Summary        

KELP Class 12, Session 2 – Topeka

KELP Class 12 had a full agenda for Session 2 in Topeka last week. The class began its Applied Leadership Projects, toured the waste-water treatment plant, and spent time at the capitol building. Session 2 focused on the legislative process, law governing water, and surface water management. 
Most of the class attended the Water Forum hosted by the Kansas Water Office, where horizontal hydraulic fracturing was discussed; that dialogue continued during this session. They were able to sit in on the *House Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee and heard testimony about **Senate Bill 375 to add an exemption to solid waste permits.

Representatives of the four agencies governing Kansas water shared their duties and current happenings; Rep. Sydney Carlin had dinner and a lively discussion with the class as well. KELPalum Shane Munsch shared his company’s perspective on advocacy and public engagement. Overall, the session was successful in grounding the class in the purpose of KELP, teaching about urban water management, and the legislative process. 

Participants were in agreement that they now “have a new, more positive perspective on politics and an intention to share ideas with their representatives often.”

*Learn more about the House Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee:
**Learn more about SB375: