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Agriculture Today Radio Program Tuesday, November 25

Iowa State University agricultural law specialist Roger McEowen presents his regular segment on recent legal and taxation developments pertaining to agriculture and rural areas: among the court rulings he cites this time is a decision on whether a particular horse enterprise qualifies as a bona-fide business for tax purposes, as the owner attempted to write off the losses from that enterprise. See more
11/25/2014 8:00:00 AM

Sustainability Taking Shape, One French Fry at a Time

K-State Biodiesel Initiative Video

The sound of a diesel engine is distinct. Sure, some are louder than others, and diesel enthusiasts can usually recognize the differences in sound between Cummins and Powerstroke engines, for example, when driving down the road.

11/24/2014 8:00:00 AM

Agriculture Today Radio Program Friday, November 14

K-State grain market economist Dan O'Brien shares his latest price projections for wheat, corn and soybeans for the rest of the marketing year, based on the USDA's latest crop production and supply-and-demand reports, during this week's grain market segment. See more
11/14/2014 8:00:00 AM

K-State Soil Judging Team Takes Regional Honors

Kansas State University’s Soil Judging Team won 2nd place in the “Overall Team” and 4th place in the “Group Judging” categories at the 2014 Region 5 Soil Judging Contest hosted by Iowa State University in October.
11/11/2014 8:00:00 AM

FDA Official Highlights Hot Topics Including Changes in Antibiotic Use in Animals

Significant changes on the horizon for the animal health industry are reflected in three new documents now available, according to Sharon Benz, director of the Division of Animal Feeds within the Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Veterinary Medicine.
11/11/2014 8:00:00 AM

They’re Back: Tiny Mite Can Cause a Big Itch … and Pain

A tiny mite whose bite packs a surprisingly big wallop has reappeared in Kansas, and it may make you think twice about outdoor activities, especially in close proximity to oak trees.

11/7/2014 8:00:00 AM

K-State Offers New Course: Economic Issues in the Global Animal Health Industry

Kansas State University’s award-winning Master of Agribusiness program is offering an internet-based examination of the economics of the animal health and companion animal industry: AGEC 750, Economic Issues in the Global Animal Health Industry. The three-credit, online graduate course provides an interactive study of the economics and business challenges and opportunities facing the animal health and companion animal industry.
11/5/2014 8:00:00 AM

First Kansas Volunteer Inducted to National 4-H Hall of Fame

A point where five trails converge at Rock Springs 4-H Center near Junction City, Kansas, was once an area where many young people could get lost, turned around and need direction. A Kansas couple devoted to the 4-H program decided to make a change to help these young people find their way, which led to the creation of the Galle-Pence Trail Plaza.
10/30/2014 8:00:00 AM

Kansas Profile - Now That's Rural - Jonathan Truman and Weston Hiebert

“The Back Stops Here.” No, that’s not quite right. The famous saying was “The Buck Stops Here.” It was President Harry S. Truman who put that sign on his desk in the White House in the 1940s to appeal to people who were tired of politicians avoiding responsibility by “passing the buck.” Today, however, I am referring to a different Truman. This Truman plays football. As a linebacker, part of his responsibility is to keep the running backs from advancing the ball. His teammate plays on special teams to stop the returner, so it might be said that “The Back Stops Here” could be their motto.
10/29/2014 8:00:00 AM

Food for Thought Presents Bruce Vincent

Bruce Vincent will speak at K-State’s Forum Hall Monday Nov. 10 at 7 p.m. for Food for Thought’s Upson Lecture Series. Vincent’s presentation is titled “With Vision There Is Hope – How NOT to be the career of last choice.”
10/29/2014 8:00:00 AM

K-State Research and Extension Staff Recognized

K-State Research and Extension recognized outstanding work of local and state groups and individuals in the organization during its annual conference held Oct. 21-23 on the Kansas State University campus. The following staff, faculty and departments and units received recognition.
10/29/2014 8:00:00 AM

New Book Delves into ‘Depolarizing Food and Agriculture’

Conventional versus organic? Local production or global food sourcing? For one reason or another, those involved in growing and raising our food are often at odds with one another.
10/29/2014 8:00:00 AM

Kansas 4-H Volunteer Honored... Play Audio

K-State 4-H specialist Pam van Horn and the newest Kansas inductee into the National 4-H Hall of Fame:  longtime 4-H volunteer and supporter Marilyn Pence Galle.

10/26/2014 7:00:00 PM

K-State Center for Risk Management Education and Research Announces Student Fellows

The Kansas State University Center for Risk Management Education and Research has announced its third class of student fellows.

Ted Schroeder, director of the center and professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics

10/20/2014 8:00:00 AM

A Trifecta of Water-Planning Tools

As fall progresses into winter and harvest comes to a close, crop producers might want to consider planning their future crop rotations, crop mixes and irrigation use. The increasing demand for water in the future gives producers an even greater obligation to efficiently use the resource while optimizing yields.

10/14/2014 8:00:00 AM

Agricultural News... Play Audio

K-State Radio Network agriculture director Eric Atkinson reports on the day's top stories.

10/6/2014 7:00:00 PM

K-State’s New Hog Nursery Faciliity... Play Audio

Kate Hagans talks with two K-State swine specialists, Joel DeRouchey and Mike Tokach, about the new, state-of-the-art hog nursery facility formally dedicated last week at K-State's Swine Teaching and Research Unit...they look at how this new facility will advance swine management education and research at K-State.

10/6/2014 7:00:00 PM

K-State Awarded Grant to Improve Food Production in Africa, Asia... Play Audio

K-State agronomists Gary Pierzynski and Vara Prasad tell about the recently-announced 50-million-dollar grant presented to K-State by the U.S. Agency for International Development, which will lead to the creation of the Feed the Future Innovation Laboratory for Sustainable Intensification.

9/29/2014 7:00:00 PM

Noted Scientist to Speak Oct. 15 on Hydrofracking Impacts on Water Resources

Nationally recognized geoscientist Susan Brantley will present the 31st annual Roscoe Ellis, Jr. Lectureship in Soil Science at 4 p.m., Oct. 15 in 1018 Throckmorton Hall on the Kansas State University campus. The title of the lecture is “Water Resource Impacts During Unconventional Shale Gas Development with Hydrofracking: The Pennsylvania Experience.”
9/22/2014 8:00:00 AM

Alfalfa Field Day Scheduled for September 17th... Play Audio

Harper County Extension agricultural agent Jenni Carr previews the Kansas Forage and Grassland Council's alfalfa field day and crop insurance forum taking place September 17th near Larned.

9/11/2014 7:00:00 PM

Update: IGP Institute... Play Audio

The associate director of the IGP Institute (formerly the International Grains Program) at K-State, Mark Fowler, reports on recent news and activities at the institute, including a poultry nutrition course, and the growing distance education curriculum.

9/11/2014 7:00:00 PM

Alfalfa Field Day Scheduled for September 17th... Play Audio

Harper County Extension agricultural agent Jenni Carr previews the Kansas Forage and Grassland Council's alfalfa field day and crop insurance forum taking place September 17th near Larned.

9/4/2014 7:00:00 PM

The Latest Agricultural News... Play Audio

K-State Radio Network agriculture director Eric Atkinson reports on the day's top stories.

9/1/2014 7:00:00 PM

Agriculture Today Radio Program Friday, December 20

K-State grain market economist Dan O'Brien considers whether the corn and soybean markets have hit their lows for the winter, and comments on the latest 2014 U.S. row crop projections from a major private commodity firm, during his grain market segment for this week.
12/20/2013 8:00:00 AM

Agriculture Today Radio Program Thursday, December 19

K-State soybean breeder Bill Schapaugh goes over the highlights from K-State's just-completed 2013 Kansas Soybean Variety Performance Test report:  he talks about the general yield trends, the information on variety tolerance of soybean cyst nematode and sudden death syndrome, and why growers should compare variety performance over multiple locations. See more
12/19/2013 8:00:00 AM

Kansas Profile -- Now That's Rural -- Liz Sosa, Part 2

Ron WilsonWhat do we do with our equipment after the electricity has temporarily been off? The answer is, we power up. Today in the conclusion of a two-part series, we’ll learn about a remarkable young woman who is giving leadership in various ways across the state – including a group known as PowerUps.
11/21/2013 8:00:00 AM

Tips to Minimize Storage Loss in Large Round Bales

Round Hay BaleWith the high price of hay in recent years, producers should do everything they can to protect their investment. One thing producers should look at in particular is their method of storing large round bales, said Doo-Hong Min, K-State Research and Extension crops and soils specialist.
11/20/2013 8:00:00 AM

Agronomy Students Excel at National Association Meeting

Several Kansas State University agronomy students earned honors and recognition at the 2013 American Society of Agronomy, Crop Science Society of America, and Soil Science Society of America national meetings, Nov. 3-6, in Tampa, Fla.
11/18/2013 8:00:00 AM

"In the News" July 2012 Archive

K-State Vet, Livestock Specialist Discuss Swine Gestation Stalls
7-2-12 - Barn OnAir & OnLine - Steve Dritz & Joel DeRouchey
Recent news that some major U.S. restaurant chains, including McDonald’s, will phase out buying of pork supplied by producers who use gestation stalls for pregnant sows has sparked conversation and concern among pork producers as well as consumers.
1/31/2013 8:00:00 AM

"In the News" June 2012 Archive

Knowledge for Life: You can become a food master at extension class
6-1-12 - Leavenworth Times - Denise Sullivan
If you enjoy food, love to cook, are interested in nutrition, and want to "master" your culinary skills while enhancing the nutritional status of our community, then the Master Food Volunteer Program might just be for you.
1/31/2013 8:00:00 AM