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KSRE and College of Ag. Accounts / Passwords
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Accounts that are managed here allow users to:

  • access secured webs for K-State Research and Extension.
  • author webs on the K-State Research and Extension web servers.
  • access shared network drives and printers in most departments in the College of Agriculture.

 For KSRE Account problems or questions:
Call 785-532-6270 or email ksresupport@ksu.edu


Email Accounts

Accounts are set up for students of the university, current employees and emeritus faculty members.  An eID is required to obtain an email account. 

To get an eID:  http://eid.k-state.edu

Network Accounts

Obtaining access to departmental file and print resources is easy.  Fill out an application and, once processed, your eID and password will give you access to your department's network work space and printers.

To get a KSRE account, Click here:  Apply for a network account

Intranet Accounts

Many resources have sensitive information that only certain people need to see.  That is why the K-State Research and Extension Intranet was created.  Only current student employees, faculty and staff with valid KSRE accounts will have access.  Certain intranets are set up for department only access.

To get a KSRE account, Click here:  Apply for a network account


When users change their eID password, the passwords should automatically synchronize to the KSRE account.  There are 2 yearly required password changes:  August to Mid-September for the fall semester and January to Mid-February for the spring semester.  Failure to change the password by the deadline leads to your eID being deactivated.

Click here to view Change Password Steps

 For eID password problems call 785-532-7722