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CMS and Web Authoring

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K-State Research and Extension's Content Management System (CMS) was built as a replacement for EZ-Web, Web-Builder and applications such as Adobe Dreamweaver® and Microsoft FrontPage®. The current version of the KSRE CMS features an easy-to-use Web-based interface, which allows you to edit  your site wherever you have an Internet connection and a computing device with a Web browser.

If you're comfortable using the CMS, but need a basic guide, please download the CMS Training guide from the link below. If you are not familiar with the CMS, but need to use it, please contact Neal Wollenberg (nealw AT ksu DOT edu) for one-on-one training.

If you're interested in getting started without face-to-face training, please take a look at further information about working with your CMS here:

KSRE CMS Training Manual

Scheduled Training Sessions:

Training sessions should be scheduled through Neal Wollenberg. Class size should be a minimum of twelve if requesting travel to a county or district office.

Please E-mail Neal Wollenberg to set up your session: nealw@ksu.edu

Kansas State University Resources

K-State Web Authors Group (KWAG)
The K-State Web Authors Group, KWAG (pronounced "kay-wag") is a university-wide, professional organization for K-State staff, faculty, and student web authors.
Tools for Web Publishing
This site from CNS lists many excellent resources for web authors at K-State.
InfoTech Tuesday
InfoTech Tuesday is a highly-readable weekly newsletter about information technology at K-State.
KSU Survey System
The Survey System is an easy to use, flexible web-based survey creation tool, which is designed to poll, assess, report and analyze the participant's thoughts, feelings and opinions. With the flexibility of this system, the possibilities are endless.

Design & Layout

Web Style Guide
Web site planning, page design and the nuts and bolts for great sites.
"Killer" Sites 
examples of good and bad web sites with lots of tips.
Cool Home Pages
"The only known cure for designer's block." Many Web examples.