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KSRE in SecondLife



KSRE How To's and Tips for SL

The following are help documents from K-State Research and Extension.

It is recommended that all K-State SL(TM) users take time and use the following document for generation of new avatars in Second Life(TM).  The new avatar creation how to takes you through the steps of creating an avatar using the new avatar gateway run by Caledon Oxbridge University.  Caledon Oxbridge University is one of the larger SL(TM) in world training organizations.

Caledon Oxbridge New Avatar Training and Avatar Creation

Vehicles are useful in training exercises or for making of machinima movies.  Often vehicles are confusing to new users of SL(TM) though.  This document describes how most vehicles work in SL(TM).

Driving, Piloting, and Flying Vehicles in SL¿ (PDF)

The SL(TM) Client has many features to support a very elaborate and robust virtual world.  Because of this there are many hints and tips that often pass by the normal SL(TM) user.  The following document is a list of tips that will help make your stay in SL(TM) more pleasant and useful.

Tips, Tricks, and Hints for using SL(TM) (PDF)


The ability to make objects for SL(TM) in various mesh modeling tools like Sketchup, Sculptris, Blender, 3DsMax, or most any other program that can make mesh shapes, buildings or clothing.
This video will give you the basics of this method of making SL(TM) items using the simplest free 3D modeling tools for the true beginner to mesh modeling.




Tutorials and Interesting Locations inside SL (Requires Avatar and Working Client)



Tutorial and Reference Links on the Web for SL



Building Tools Links for SL