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2013 Community Board Leadership Series

Board Leadership Flyer, 2013You are serving on a board...now what?

Sessions begin March 4; register by Feb. 22

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For more information about the K-State Research and Extension Board Leadership Series, visit www.ksre.ksu.edu/boardseries


Community Development Newsletter

Extension Community News and Resources

The Community Connections newsletter was a publication of the K-State Research and Extension Community Development Program Focus Team. The issues linked below highlight stories, resources and topics related to a specific community capital. The Community Connection Newsletter Series has been replaced by a blogsite which enables faster delivery of news.


Community Development>Community Connections, Spring, 2011

A Focus on Community Human Capital (Spring 2011)

A Focus on Community Cultural Capital (Fall 2010)

A Focus on Community Social Capital (Spring 2010)

An Introduction to Community Capitals (Fall 2009)




For information on Community Capitals or upcoming issues of the Community Connections Newsletter, contact Dan Kahl at K-State Research and Extension, dankahl@ksu.edu.


Extension Builds Community Capacity

How Coaching is Changing Extension Community Development

What is Community Coaching? Community Coaching is process of mentoring and guiding community teams organized and working toward community improvement. 

In 2011, the Community Coaching Academy will provide a training opportunity for Extension agents to become Community Coaches. Community Coaching is a way that Extension Agents can support the work of community teams in their area.

A Community Coach is someone that provides reflective consultation with community leadership or community groups to help them consider ways to improve:

  • public engagement processes
  • measurement of goal attainment
  • sustainability of a project or effort
  • maximum community benefits of projects
  • or ways to move forward through impasse

 Community Coaching is an approach to building and supporting community change that is sweeping Extension. The Kansas PRIDE Program will begin calling on community coaches in 2011 to help work with community volunteer groups enrolled in PRIDE. Of course - community coaching is not limited to PRIDE. Agents may also find themselves called upon to coach Chamber groups, Civic Groups, committees, organizations, or other community development initiatives.

Important documents on community coaching:

 Communities Interested in engaging a coach.

Community facilitation 

Intro to Coaching. 

Investing in community coaching

Community Coaching is becoming an aspect of HOW Extension does its work... and through this approach, will begin to transform communities across Kansas! Sign up today for the Community Coaching Academy!


 View the Video Link below to hear how the Community Coaching Academy is working for Extension.

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 - Posted by Dan Kahl, KSRE Associate Specialist. Updated 12-7-10