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Study: How to Preserve the Ogallala

Civil engineer Dave Steward details K-State research that helps shed light on how to extend the precious Ogallala Aquifer.
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New Development May Help Producers Guard Against Crippling Swine Disease

Veterinarian Steve Dritz (pictured) says K-State researchers are looking at how this can help Kansas producers protect their herds.
PEDv Dritz
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Can we Really Feed 9 Billion People?

Sonny RamaswamySonny Ramaswamy (right), the Director of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, says yes, but it's going to take a team effort. He stopped by Kansas State University recently to talk about this issue.
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- Kansas State University, 1863-2013 -

Miles McKee,  Museum of Wonder

In this video, Emeritus Professor Miles McKee takes John Floros, Dean of the College of Agriculture, on a short tour of items that highlight the history of the Department of Animal Sciences and Industry.


ALSO: Gerry Posler and John Floros look over artifacts from agronomy


Current Insect Management Guides
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K-State Researchers Improve Health of Ground Beef

Jim Drouillard (left) and team find that feeding flaxseed improves health of humans and cattle


icons>Crop Insects of Kansas, SmallK-State's Beef Cattle Institute has released a series of online videos as part of the Beef Quality Assurance Program. See the videos and get more information on the Website, called Animal Care Training. The site also provides online training for dairy and equine producers.


Below, find some great sources for staying updated on Kansas farm and horticultural crops: