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KSU Sycammore Tree

The Kansas State Capitol Building on a cold, brisk morning.

Week of April 1, 2014

Photo by Jared Wasinger

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NEW - Top 10 Tips for a Successful Adobe Connect Meeting
KSRE Adobe Connect is a powerful online web conferencing communication tool. It is used for hosting webinars, online meetings and educational and research collaboration. By spending a little time learning several of its key features, your meetings will go more smoothly and look more professional.
This small guide offers additional tips and helpful advice toward a successful online experience.

KSRE Tech Tips: Microsoft Outlook and Zoom
This recent series provides help and information with new and emerging technology at Kansas State University. The training classes were designed to give you a good overview. They cover the basics to get you going as well as providing tips to enhance your technology experience.
Each program was recorded for your any 24/7 viewing.
KSRE Tech Tips Spring 2014 Schedule:
Zoom Web Conferencing
This session will utilize the free Zoom software to conduct online meetings and webinars. Similar to Adobe Connect, this communication tool contains several easy to use features.
Microsoft Office 365 Outlook Web App.
The focus of this program will cover using Outlook e-mail and calendar through your Web browser. Learn how to organize and sort your e-mail, create a signature set, schedule meetings on the calendar and more.

Microsoft Office 365 Outlook Desktop Client
This session will be an overview of the installed Outlook desktop client. With a slightly different interface from the Web browser version, presenters will show you the key features of e-mail and calendar system to get the most productivity out of this powerful software.

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