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K-State's Anderson Hall

We are updating the KSRE Image Library with KSRE photographer Dan Donnert's amazing photographs. Here is one of taken of K-State's Anderson Hall.

Week of September 18, 2014

Photo by Dan Donnert

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KSRE Adobe Connect Webinar Training
Training is being offered on September 24 at 9 a.m.

This one-hour session is a good overview for both new and experienced Connect users. No registration is necessary. Simply go to during the training time.

If you are new to Connect, this free program is a great communication tool. It is used for on-line webinars, research, educational classes, collaboration, and even KSRE District meetings.

Top 10 Tips for a Successful Adobe Connect Meeting
KSRE Adobe Connect is a powerful online web conferencing communication tool. It is used for hosting webinars, online meetings and educational and research collaboration. By spending a little time learning several of its key features, your meetings will go more smoothly and look more professional.
This small guide offers additional tips and helpful advice toward a successful online experience.

KSRE - Information Technology Reorganization Update - August 2014

Integration of the K-State Research and Extension, or KSRE, technology staff with information technology services is continuing with the moves of Gerry Snyder,  Neal Wollenberg and Poongothai Ammaiappan.

Snyder, instructional technologist, will move to 137 Foundation Center. His number will remain the same, 785-532-1179. Snyder will work with the academic services group in the office of mediated education. He will still be responsible for scheduling and managing the Adobe Connect service for Web conferencing and working with streaming media.

Wollenberg, Web developer, will move to the office of mediated education and will be in 146 Foundation Center. His number will remain the same, 785-532-1147. Wollenberg will still assist with the KSRE content management system and other Web applications. He also is working as part of a team to develop a strategy to migrate KSRE websites to the K-State content management system. 

On Aug. 4, Larry Havenstein moved to enterprise server technologies as part of the Windows engineering team. Havenstein will be in 14 Hale Library and his number will remain the same, 785-532-1170. Havenstein will continue to provide server support and assist with account and listserv management. As part of the integration, we will move our account management to use the central campus active directory for authentication of K-State Research and Extension resources. In 2015, we will begin to move servers from our data center in Umberger to the data center in Hale Library. This will allow the campus operation center to monitor and manage our systems more efficiently and effectively.  

Poongothai Ammaiappan, systems programmer, moved Aug. 4 to the office of mediated education. Her office will be in 139 Foundation Center and her number will remain the same, 785-532-1168. Ammaiappan will continue to provide support for the K-State Research and Extension Web applications along with Yates. They will work with faculty and staff and the office of mediated education to find ways to provide more efficient support and service for KSRE Web applications. 


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