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April 13, 2021

The Hidden Pandemic - PBS Documentary on Mental Health in Kansas and Missouri

Submitted by Mallory Meek

Kansas City PBS created and aired a documentary that shines a light on The Hidden Pandemic, focusing on the lives of Kansas and Missouri citizens navigating mental illness. Through personal interviews with patients and the health care professionals who treat them, this documentary uncovers challenges faced on the journey to improving and maintaining mental health. 

This video was produced by acclaimed documentary filmmaker Michael Price with assistance by Mallory Meek, of K-State Research and Extension - Douglas County. In the video you will hear from both rural and urban citizens who refuse to let their mental illness define who they are and dictate their futures. 

Trailer: https://www.kansascitypbs.org/blogs/station-news/new-documentary-uncovers-local-stories-of-mental-health-during-lockdown/.

The Hidden Pandemic (1:27): https://www.kansascitypbs.org/local-shows/the-hidden-pandemic/.

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