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February 13, 2024

4-H Dog Rules Book (2023 version) Corrections

Submitted by Karen Riedmiller

During the Dog Judges' training, it was determined that a few corrections are needed to the 4-H Dog Rules book.

1. On the Novice obedience scoresheet, the Recall of Leash is worth 30 points (not 35 as printed).

2. On the Graduate Novice scoresheet, there is an extra column for Figure 8 in the Heel on Leash exercise (please disregard).

3. The agility scoresheet does not have a line for the Judge's name. It will need to be added on the master scoresheet. 

4. In Agility III and IV, there is a 2-foot guideline around any pause obstacles and go-around-barrel (page 67 in Rules book).

5. The Tire Jump Icon for AG III or AG IV is valued at 10 points (not 15 pts). That icon was not made. 

6.  For AG IV, stepping over the 6-foot delimiting line results is a major fault (-5pts). Failure of dog to complete the obstacles behind the line is loss of obstacle points not an NQ (page 61 Rules book).

7. For the Closed Tunnel under Major Faults (page 68 Rules book), please delete the following statement. "If a dog attempts to exit through the side of the tunnel, a major fault is assessed."