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February 13, 2024

KEAFCS: Let's Shine in Arizona

Submitted by Holly Miner

KEAFCS Award deadline is March 6, 2024. All awards are submitted through the NEAFCS Website, https://www.neafcs.org/awards-program. On Team Awards, the submitting team member must be a KEAFCS member.

Have you tried something new? Did you put a new spin on a tried and true program? Do you have some evaluation data? Did you write a success story? You are now ready to apply for a Program Award. Generally, 2-5 pages plus attachments make the application. Carissa Kline is the chair of the Program Awards Committee.

Have you written a news release? Have you recorded a video or a podcast? Managed a social media account? The Communication Awards are for you. Nancy Honig is the chair of this committee.

Have you been an agent for 10 years or longer? Or are you a new agent in your first five years? The Professional Development Awards could be for you. The New Professional Award is now for people in their first five years in Extension (or as an agent if you started as a Program Assistant). The Distinguished Service Awards (10 years or more) and Continuing Excellence (12 years or longer) are only judged at the State Level. Kansas can recognize only one in each category. These awards must be submitted by the potential recipient, but consider talking to that fellow agent who should receive this award. Can you help them see the impact they have made? Jennifer LaSalle is the Chair of the Professional Development Awards Committee.

Are you not sure where to start? If you need a quick look at the available awards, this is the Awards at a Glance: 2024-NEAFCS-Awards-At-A-Glance (memberclicks.net) What is in it for you? Recognition, creating awareness of the value of programming, and possibly a free registration to NEAFCS Annual Session. Details are listed on the Awards at A Glance document.

Last year, we had several awards recognized at the Regional and National Level. Once again, we can let all of NEAFCS know the good work Kansas does. Please reach out to myself or any of the committee chairs if you have any questions. Let’s help Kansas shine in Arizona in September.

I will be attending the UAC Conference in Wichita the last week of February. If you have any questions about the online process please do not hesitate to contact myself or any of the award committee chairs.

For more information about awards, contact Holly Miner at haminer@ksu.edu or call 620-331-2690.